Playwrights – Treasure Island, ©2005

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 Based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s Novel: Treasure Island
Publisher: Garbage Juice Publishing (ASCAP) ©2005 
Original Adaptation Written by Jordan  W. ©2005
Music & Lyrics by Jeff W. & Jordan W. ©2005


Treasure Island, The Musical

Please read the Song/Synopsis from Top to Bottom while you View each Video and/or Listen to each Song below:


The year, 1750. The place, The Benbow Inn, which is kept by Rose Hawkins and her son Jim. Many years prior, Jimʼs father went to sea and left Rose to take care of Jim all alone. He promised to come back with treasure to provide for his family, but never returned.
This first song is basically a cast introduction. A fun, entertaining way to get to know a little bit about everyone in the show. (except Blind Pew, Long John Silver and Ben Gunn who are introduced later) The song starts right off with the creation of the term “Arrrrhh” during drunken conversation that went a little too farrrrr. Then you see a separation, of misery and celebration, some drink rum to numb, and some during elation. So you’ve always gotta reason why ya oughtta have ‘least one, Spot of Rum!!

Please Note : The Audio Tracks just above the Videos, are Studio Recordings of “Single-Take” Scratch Tracks that the Songwriters (Jordan and Jeff W.) made for the Cast Members to Learn their Parts from since the songs were all Newly Created.

So although Audio Quality is much better, all Roles, including Women & Children, were recorded by just the two Authors)

“A Spot of Rum” (Video from Live Show)

 Track 1A Spot of Rum” (Pre-show Studio Recording)

(A classic drunken tavern tune perhaps played on the house piano by one of the bar patrons on stage – NOT shown on the Video):

 Track 2: “The Black Spot Blues” (Pre-show Studio Recording)

(a “Blues” number sung by Billy Bones)

Billy Bones, an old salty pirate who resides at the Inn, gives young Jim Hawkins a treasure map to keep safe. Blind Pew (wearing many earrings) brings Billy Bones news of his impending doom and gives him the mark of death, or what pirates call, The Black Spot. For his final words, he sings the blues:


“The Black Spot Blues”  (Video from Live Show)


During this song, the kids, who were serving drinks in the prior scene (Spot of Rum), are now mopping the floor. They will be the back-up singers during the chorus. (perhaps using their mops as microphones)
(NOTE that the VIDEO does not show this as this is a change we made after the filming of the show)

Prior to this song, Dr. Livesey tells Billy Bones that he is dying, and to stay away from the rum. All the while, Billy Bones continues to drink throughout the song, slowly losing his grip on life. He passes out at the end of the last verse, then pops back to life to sing the last chorus. Finally, he dies at the end of the song leaving the last word, (“blues”) to be sung by the back-up singers (NOT shown in Video)

Track 3: “We Want that Map” (Pre-show Studio Recording above)

Pirates come crashing into the Benbow Inn looking for Billy Bones’ Treasure Map

“We Want that Map”  (Video from Live Show)



Track 4: “Ladies to Mayteys” (Pre-show Studio Recording)

(sung by the Women) 

While searching for the Map everywhere around the Benbow, the pirates overhear Jim talking to his mom, Rose Hawkins, about the map. The Pirates offer to take Jim on their ship to Follow the Map and look for the Treasure. Unbeknownst to Jim, his mother, Rose, in fear of losing her Son to the sea as well, assembled her own crew of women disguised as men, to go along:

“Ladies to Mayteys”  (Video from Live Show)



This is one of the Main Theme Songs of this Play 

 Track 5: “Shiver Me Timbers” (Pre-show Studio Recording)

(sung by the All the Cast except Long John & Ben Gunn) 

Jim’s friends hear word of this adventure as well, and stowaway on the ship before it sets sail. Once all are aboard, we hear a song about each character’s motivation for going to sea:

“Shiver Me Timbers”  (Video from Live Show)



Track 6: “One Final Tether” (Pre-show Studio Recording)

(sung by Jim Hawkins)

As the ship sets sail, Jim is unaware that his mother is on board. He expresses his fears of being away from home and on his own for the first time in his life.

(NO VIDEO at the Moment)


The 1st Night on the ship, the Women (dressed as Men) try to prove their “Manhood” by participating in a little too much rum consumption.

Then Jim discovers his mom is on board and Long John over hears them talking.


“Don’t you Know what Day it is?”

(always means it’s someone’s Birthday)

 1st Night on the Ship (Video of Live Performance)



Track 7: “We’re Pirates” (Pre-show Studio Recording)

(sung by …guess.)

Once out to sea, Jim’s stowaway friends are discovered by the crew of pirates and almost get thrown overboard. When Long John Silver comes to their rescue, it quickly establishes a bond between Jim and Jong John. But Long John’s crew is growing impatient. They want the map to themselves, and tension start to build.

“We’re Pirates”  (Video from Live Show)



Track 7.b: “Bridge-Across-Ocean” (Pre-show Studio Recording)

(sung by Long John & Rose Hawkins)

This Song, “Bridge-Across-Ocean” (Didn’t make it into the show in time, but this is supposed to be sung by Long John and Rose. Each on opposite sides of Ship. They are unaware of each other’s presence, but is meant to establish anticipation and wonder within the audience.

The audience gets to see each character’s desires, but is left to wonder and anticipate)

(NO VIDEO at the Moment)

Track 8: “We’re Gonna Die” (Pre-show Studio Recording)

(sung by: ALL)

A Heavy Metal style song with distorted guitars, drums and crashing cymbals

Finally, just before reaching the island, Long John’s angry, drunken crew of pirates have had enough.

It’s time for a Mutiny!!

(NO VIDEO at the Moment)


Track 9: “Oh, Treasure Island” (Pre-show Studio Recording)

(sung by ALL)

A Reggae style song 


On the island:

“Oh, Treasure Island”  (Video from Live Show)



Track 10: “Mold for Gold” (Pre-show Studio Recording)

(sung by Ben Gunn)

Jim and friend are the first onto the island with the map. They run into cheese loving Ben Gunn (an original character from the book), who has been marooned there for 3 years. He tells them that he’s moved the Treasure somewhere else and offers to show them where it is in exchange for some cheese:

“Mold for Gold” (Video from Live Show):

     Long John suggests to his pirate crew that they follow Jim and his friend. But Jim leads them astray to where the treasure used to be and is no longer. Angry for leading them to an empty hole in the ground, Long John’s crew have had enough. They’re fed up. So they depose him by giving him The Black Spot.

     On this night, during an eclipse, at his lowest, Long John almost gives in, until Jim gives him an earring and says : “Here, this should help you, my father gave it to me when I was younger and said ‘Whenever you’re afraid and in the dark, this will bring you ’round to the light'”. At this moment, Long John recognizes the earring as the one he gave his son years ago. He then realizes that JIM is his son! This becomes a turnaround point for Long John. He lights up. The eclipse clears, he regains his strength & his Vision, finds his old wit, and uses the earring Jim gave him as a piece of treasure to lure his crew back onto his side by making them think it’s a piece of the Treasure.

PIRATE FACT: Sailors wore Earrings to help with their Vision, especially when out to see.. It has been proven to this day, that there are Connections from the Ear Lobe to the Eye’s Retina.

Track 11: “This Black Spot” (Video from Live Show):

The Doctor and Gailord try to get a share of the Treasure by trying to pass…

“The Pirate Test”

Then Long John and Tom Morgan finally Square off in a sword fight. When Tom’s Sword gets stuck in Long John’s wooden Peg, Long John goes in for the kill.

That’s when the hilarious, never-ending, drawn out, dying scene ensues.

Meanwhile, on the Ship, the Kids take back Control of the Ship from the Pirates by using the Super Superstitions of Jonas, and Triple Time’s Weaknesses for Rum to gain a psychological advantage.

They take down the Jolly Roger, and Fly the Union Jack to signal to the others on the Island, they got back control of the Ship.

A couple Fireworks can’t hurt either.

“The Monkey Scene”


PIRATE FACT #1: Sailors were very Superstitious people. Most of the one’s portrayed in the Play, are all true. It was bad luck to have women aboard any ship (which explains “Ladies to Mayteys

PIRATE FACT #2: There really was a Lunar Eclipse on the Night portrayed in the Play- June 19th in 1750

PIRATE FACT #3: Wednesday really was considered to be an “Unlucky Day” for the Sagittarius

Track 12: “The Art of Deception” (Pre-show Studio Recording)

(sung by Dr. Livesy)

Elsewhere on the island, the doctor is planning is own scheme to find the treasure with…

The Art of Deception(Video from Live Show):

Once back aboard the ship, Jim shows his mom a broken compass he found by a skeleton on the island. It will no longer open. Rose recognizes this compass as the one that was given to her by Jimʼs father before he left years ago. She now thinks heʼs dead. But Long John has just overheard everything they said without them realizing it. Sadly, Rose sings the song: “Until Now”

(keep in mind that Rose and Long John have NOT seen nor recognized each other this whole time)


 Track 13: “Until Now” (Pre-show Studio Recording)

(sung by Rose Hawkins)

Insecure with his physical defects, one being his peg leg, and the fact that he never came home with treasure, he fears her rejection.

Finally, when Rose, still disguised as a man, kisses Long John, the crew acts surprisingly confused, until all the women and girls aboard reveal themselves.


In the end, ALL get what they’ve been looking for. Jim finds his father, Rose finds her husband, Long John finds that the real treasure was at home the whole time. Triple Time finds his trousers. Lucy gets a group of tied up men.

Treasure Island, Author Credits